BroHos Hoe of the Week #2

We’ve been a little busy here at Brohos Inc. over the last few weeks. Plotting BIG things to come.

But we’ve found sometime to announce our SECOND ever BroHo HOE of the Week

This week’s HOE is Miley Cyrus!


The Interwebs have been abuzz with Miley Cyrus and her change from the Innocent Disney girl, to hot as Twerk sensation.

Opinions have been split over Miley’s new bad girl image. With the likes of Jay Z speaking out against the criticism Miley is receiving. After initially mocking Miley’s constant Twerking, Jay Z took to Twitter to praise the former Disney stars moves. Jay Z, who barely tweets, spent a few hours speaking back and forth with fans about Cyrus. His praise for the former Disney star included her twerking skills, which he raps on a track “Somewhere in America.” off his new album, “Cause somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’, ha!”

Miley has of late been spotted sporting a new fashion trend… not wearing pants. I’m not sure about you, but us here at BroHo Inc. are fully onboard with this new trend.


(In case you missed it… Here are two of the videos circulating of Miley Cyrus twerking.)

We filmed a short reaction video of some of the crew here at BroHos Inc.


Now with an ass like that, and the way she moves it, it was hard for us to deny Miley Cyrus a coveted spot on our BroHo HOE of the Week.

Word is BroHo!


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