BroHo BRO of the Week #2.

It’s that time of the week again… Where we announce the BroHo, Bro of the week.

We’ve been on full alert for the next possible BRO, and have come to a consensus as to who should win the prestigious SECOND EVER BroHo BRO of the week…

This week’s BRO(s) of the week, are non other than the BOETS from Jozi Shore.

They unleashed their 3rd episode, much to the anticipation of many of us here in relatively small internet community of South Africa.

With phrases such as “Going huge, and touching boobs”, “I know Cape Town’s got some wildlife, but I wasn’t expecting to wake up with a fucking warthog” and “Which would you like first, brunch or sex?”

It has received huge amounts of support, and laughs from those who have viewed with the episode notching up just under 20 000 views in a day. In a South African context, that’s rather commendable. After the slight disappointment of the 2nd episode, we can without a doubt say this has been the best episode yet, and look forward to what the BOETS from Jozi get up to next. 

Check out the latest episode… “Dates and Weights” below.


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