BroHo’s Begins.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about turning my ill skill ideas, and wise way with the words, into a blog type vibe.

Without giving too much away about my plans for this blog,

BroHos is an attempt at being the ultimate guide to life for the Bros and Hoes (Boys and Girls) of CPT – what is, who is and where is it happening?

We value both bros and hoes, and understand as a species we are both different, and will keep each in the know.

One thing we will be doing here at BroHo inc., is to announce a Bro and Hoe of the week, for whatever reason. This person will be someone who has done something worthy of telling all you Bros and Hos about.

Let’s kick things off then, and announce the first BRO of the week in our very first post.

The winner of the first BroHo BRO of the week is….

The Team at BroHos!

(For starting this legit, fresh guide for all you Bros and Hoes.)

Now, it’s official.

Word is BROHO.



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