“Sharknado” is on in the US tonight, and it could just be Amazing!

Sharknado is premiering on the Syfy channel in the US tonight. Watch the trailer, and decide for yourself. But we think this is going to be amazing.

Sharks. Tornadoes. Tara Reid. Throwing yourself into the mouth of a shark with a chain saw to save the world.

This movie is going to be the balls.




BroHo Weekend Guide to Getting Down (11-14 July 2013)

Another feature we’re introducing on the BroHo page is a Weekend Guide to Getting Down, offering all you out there a chance to see what’s happening in the Mother City over the weekend.

We’ll be counting down the TOP 5 things to do over the weekend.

In future, once we’ve set up this site properly, we’ll aim to offer both a BRO and HOE Weekend Guide to Getting Down. But for the mean time, we’re combining them for one BroHo Weekend Guide to Getting Down.

Let’s get things started then shall we… In no particular order.


Day: Thursday

Date: 11 July 2013

Place: Fiction

Event: It Came from the Jungle


No Phuza Thursday is complete without venturing to Fiction on a Thursday night. A well known party to the base heads of Cape Town, It Came from the Jungle is a party featuring some of the biggest names in the Cape Town Electronic Music scene – headlined by Niskerone. Open from 21:00 – 02:00, there’s plenty time to get your drink and your two step on. Who in Cape Town works on a Friday anyway?

Check out the link for the event below…



Day: Thursday

Date: 11 July 2013

Place: Hooters Cape Town

Event: Beer Special


Every Thursday night, Hooters on Edward Street, is offering a draught special. Known as a “Big Daddy Beer”, a 1L mug of a list of draught beers offered, is being sold at R28! For many of my fellow students out there, the rising cost of alcohol has made a far larger dent in our wallets of late – a R28 1L draught is somewhat of a reprieve. The combinations of cheap beers and nice boobs, is something we cannot ignore here at BroHos Inc.

You can check out the list of Specials on their website… Including Wednesday nights “All you can eat Wings special”.



Day: Friday

Date: 12 July 2013

Place: The Assembly



Friday night sees a collab between two of Cape Town’s emerging “event thinkers” in Gaartjie and The Alliance, teaming up and offering the members in their ranks to drop some dank, filthy beats at the the Assembly this weekend. 

Check out the event to read up more about Gaartjie, The Alliance and the event. 



Day: Saturday – Sunday

Date: 13-14 July 2013 

Place: Franschhoek 

Event: Wine Festival

Wine. Franschhoek. Great weather. Need we say more?

If you need to read up more info. check out the details on their website… http://www.franschhoek.co.za/bastille.html


Day: Saturday

Date: 13 July 2013 

Place: Shelflife 

Event: Nike Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo Launch


As some of you may know, Shelflife is one of the premier street wear retailers in Cape Town. It is situated on Loop Street, in the heart of the City. For everyone in Cape Town, the store will be open from 10:00 – 14:00 on Saturday for the in store launch.

All the information on the launch can be found on their page, including a competition for those of you not blessed to be living in the CPT.










Jay Z drops Magna Carta… Holy Grail

We’re not too convinced here at BroHo about Jay Z’s new album Magna Carta… Holy Grail.


Released on July 4th 2013 for digital download and on the 8th of July for retail sale, Magna Carta Holy Grail is Jay Z’s twelfth studio album.

A legend of the rap game, Jay Z seems to have dropped his game since his well publicised retirement from the rap game, when he declared his 2003 album “The Black Album” would be his last. On November 25, 2003 he held a charity concert at Madison Square Garden meant to be his “retirement party”. The mega concert – with all proceeds going to charity – featured a number of A list cameos including Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Common and even the mother’s of slain rappers Biggie and Tupac.

Jay Z has since come out of retirement and released three more albums, “the worst retirement in history” – as Jay Z called it in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He also added he felt embarrassed and cringed when watching “Fade to Black” – a documentary that followed his extravagant send off. 

However, many people have called his retirement pure calculation – an attempt to match Michael Jordan’s retirement. Jay Z hanging up his mic at the top of his game only to return and win three more championships.

However, it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Unlike Jordan, Jay Z’s return didn’t yield three more championships. Leaving most people to admit that Jay Z hasn’t released a decent album since “The Black Album”, with the exception of his collab with Kanye West on the album “Watch the Throne”.

Magna Carta… Holy Grail, is more money than music. Jay Z teamed up with Samsung who bought a million copies of the album at $5 each to offer to Samsung Galaxy users, meaning the album went platinum before it even hit the shelves. A clever marketing ploy, one has to admit, but the album leaving the album to lack any real substance.

We’d like to hear from you… 


BroHos Hoe of the Week #2

We’ve been a little busy here at Brohos Inc. over the last few weeks. Plotting BIG things to come.

But we’ve found sometime to announce our SECOND ever BroHo HOE of the Week

This week’s HOE is Miley Cyrus!


The Interwebs have been abuzz with Miley Cyrus and her change from the Innocent Disney girl, to hot as Twerk sensation.

Opinions have been split over Miley’s new bad girl image. With the likes of Jay Z speaking out against the criticism Miley is receiving. After initially mocking Miley’s constant Twerking, Jay Z took to Twitter to praise the former Disney stars moves. Jay Z, who barely tweets, spent a few hours speaking back and forth with fans about Cyrus. His praise for the former Disney star included her twerking skills, which he raps on a track “Somewhere in America.” off his new album, “Cause somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’, ha!”

Miley has of late been spotted sporting a new fashion trend… not wearing pants. I’m not sure about you, but us here at BroHo Inc. are fully onboard with this new trend.


(In case you missed it… Here are two of the videos circulating of Miley Cyrus twerking.)

We filmed a short reaction video of some of the crew here at BroHos Inc.


Now with an ass like that, and the way she moves it, it was hard for us to deny Miley Cyrus a coveted spot on our BroHo HOE of the Week.

Word is BroHo!

BroHo BRO of the Week #2.

It’s that time of the week again… Where we announce the BroHo, Bro of the week.

We’ve been on full alert for the next possible BRO, and have come to a consensus as to who should win the prestigious SECOND EVER BroHo BRO of the week…

This week’s BRO(s) of the week, are non other than the BOETS from Jozi Shore.

They unleashed their 3rd episode, much to the anticipation of many of us here in relatively small internet community of South Africa.

With phrases such as “Going huge, and touching boobs”, “I know Cape Town’s got some wildlife, but I wasn’t expecting to wake up with a fucking warthog” and “Which would you like first, brunch or sex?”

It has received huge amounts of support, and laughs from those who have viewed with the episode notching up just under 20 000 views in a day. In a South African context, that’s rather commendable. After the slight disappointment of the 2nd episode, we can without a doubt say this has been the best episode yet, and look forward to what the BOETS from Jozi get up to next. 

Check out the latest episode… “Dates and Weights” below.

BroHo HOE of the Week #1.

Off the back of our very first BroHo BRO(s) of the week,

(a quick reminder: the team at BroHo)

We’re proud to announce our very first BroHo HOE of the week…….

Amanda Bynes.


I’m sure most of you have heard about the news surrounding Amanda Bynes.

From the young girl gracing the screen of Nickelodeon, to the somewhat “insane, pot smoking, cheek piercing” girl we’ve seen posting rants against the Media and other celebrities and expressing a crush on Drake, tweeting “I want @Drake to murder my vagina”.


But it seems the crush is over.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, the former Nickelodeon star had officially deemed him to be too “ugly” for her to date.

She wrote: “Drake has the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes,’ before quickly deleting the tweet.

Amanda later added: ‘I won’t deny calling @Drake ugly’

Amanda’s latest “crazed” outburst has earned her the honour of the FIRST EVER Broho HOE of the Week.

Check back next week, when we announce another BroHo BRO and HOE of the Week.

Word is BroHo.

BroHo’s Begins.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about turning my ill skill ideas, and wise way with the words, into a blog type vibe.

Without giving too much away about my plans for this blog,

BroHos is an attempt at being the ultimate guide to life for the Bros and Hoes (Boys and Girls) of CPT – what is, who is and where is it happening?

We value both bros and hoes, and understand as a species we are both different, and will keep each in the know.

One thing we will be doing here at BroHo inc., is to announce a Bro and Hoe of the week, for whatever reason. This person will be someone who has done something worthy of telling all you Bros and Hos about.

Let’s kick things off then, and announce the first BRO of the week in our very first post.

The winner of the first BroHo BRO of the week is….

The Team at BroHos!

(For starting this legit, fresh guide for all you Bros and Hoes.)

Now, it’s official.

Word is BROHO.